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Little Fish is a band that gets closer to the the fans, the root of the story and of the song, as comfortable playing house parties as they are the Royal Albert Hall.


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    10th January 2011

    Video // 10 notes // Comments

    Little Fish - Blue Morning (acoustic)

    "Blue morning, the second hand kisses the minute hand…"

    Juju’s recording a weekly series of new songs, and calling it the Fish Bowl Sessions. Blue Morning is the first one, and you probably haven’t heard it before (it’s new!). Ben helped out on organ and backing vocals, and Juju made a video for it.

    We’ll be posting a new song every week (probably on a Sunday or Monday), so make sure you’re subscribed to something (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or our mailing list) and we’ll let you know when they’re up… ;-)

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      My new favorite Little Fish song.
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      Reblogged because I love Little Fish!
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      Via… ( The Wonders Of ….) These guys are just so talented not one song I dont like - they just get better and better!...
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