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Little Fish is a band that gets closer to the the fans, the root of the story and of the song, as comfortable playing house parties as they are the Royal Albert Hall.


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    8th April 2011

    Video // 8 notes // Comments

    Little Fish - Old Fashioned Morphine (acoustic)

    "I drink alone like an insomniac, instead of sleeping there next to you, if I said, that I loved you too much, it would send a shiver right through me, so I wonder what I’m doing here…."

    Juju’s recording a weekly series of new songs, and calling it the Fish Bowl Sessions. Old Fashioned Morphine is a new song that we hope to record for the second record. In Juju’s ideal world, she would record this song live in someone’s living room full of people singing along. This was her intention when she wrote it.

    The song was recorded very quickly as Juju and Ben got asked to play an acoustic show at the last minute in a small local pub that night (check out this great video of Only A Game from that gig!). They took this opportunity to take their Flip cameras along with them to the show and get the audience involved in some of the singalong action.

    Juju and Ben have been doing a run of low key acoustic shows recently for fun. Ben has started to bring the harmonica into the set as it sounds great and is a light instrument to travel with. In this recording, the key of the song was lowered, as Juju and Ben haven’t yet managed to get themselves a harmonica in Bb (the key that the song should be played in!).

    People have been asking us to post the lyrics for the Fish Bowl sessions too, so here are the lyrics to Old Fashioned Morphine! We’ll put the rest up when we get a chance…

    We’ll be posting a new song every week(ish), so make sure you’re subscribed to something (YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or our mailing list) and we’ll let you know when they’re up… ;-)

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