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Little Fish is a band that gets closer to the the fans, the root of the story and of the song, as comfortable playing house parties as they are the Royal Albert Hall.


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    15th May 2012

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    Barb Morrison was producing Debbie Harry’s solo album when she put us in touch with Debbie and we ended up on the Blondie tour. Matt Katz-Bohen was playing keys with Blondie (and wearing incredible suits).

    The two of them got together in New York and made a literally insane remix of Lord’s Mistake. This is it (via soundcloud).

    Get your dancin’ shoes on, people.

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    15th July 2011

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    We posted this a while ago, but it just popped up on YouTube and we heard it again. It’s remixed from the Morning Call Fish Bowl Session.

    More please.

    Tagged: remixMorning Call

    16th June 2011

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    In a bizarre twist of fate, the prize for first person to record a song based on one of Juju’s poems goes to Ben’s uncle Paul!

    Hey leBen:

    I saw the poem “Blame it on the Heart” on the fish site yesterday, and found myself trying a fast & dirty demo track - 1st takes, thus errors and ommissions.

    Paul saw Juju’s poem Blame It On The Heart on the Little Fish site last week, and was inspired to jam a song around it. It’s definitely the first time Juju’s lyrics have been anywhere near a New Orleans-style groove, and it’s awesome.

    The bar has been set, and the game is afoot. Why don’t you do a cover version or a remix or a song inspired by Juju’s writing? Go, go, go!!!

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    10th March 2011

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    Little fish - morning call remix by Richy Spitz

    Richy heard our Morning Call fishbowl session and took it in a whole different direction!

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