Wonderful by Little Fish


Recorded by Gaz Coombes in his cellar near Oxford, it’s the beginning of a whole exciting new chapter for Little Fish.

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You can buy Wonderful from our Bandcamp page.

There’s a limited edition of 50 t-shirts screen printed with the Wonderful artwork by Valeska Hykel, 250 copies of the single on 7" vinyl and a 32-page comic by Wendy Phillips from Shipmate Title, who made the video. And a download, of course.


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The video

We asked on Twitter if anyone knew an animator to work with us on the video for our new single. We got plenty of replies but one stood out…

Wendy, Lee and Carol saw us supporting Hole in LA last year and had just finished making their first stop motion film, Patti Down the Rabbit Hole (with Patti Smith as Alice in Wonderland). That was enough to convince us.

After two months, lots of late night Skyping, a dining table transformed into a beach, and over two thousand photos we had a video. And we think it’s wonderful.


It’s great when people say nice things about Wonderful on the radio, online or in the print press, not because it fuels our enormous egos but because more people get to hear the song.

“Completely brilliant”

“Whispering” Bob Harris

“Perfect, understated and lush”

Alex James, In.Demand Radio


So far Wonderful has been played on BBC Radio Oxford, BBC Central, Q Radio, Kerrang Radio, Bauer Radio (In.Demand), Radio 2 (Bob Harris Sunday), XFM, Swindon 105.5FM and a hospital station somewhere near Oxford (thanks, Jo!).

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Little Fish is a band from Oxford fronted by Juju, a singer with the passion of Patti Smith and the versatility of PJ Harvey. Their debut album, Baffled and Beat, was released in 2010; this year they left their label, Custard Records, to pursue an independent career.

They have toured with Supergrass, Spinerette, Juliette Lewis, Alice in Chains, Placebo; Debbie Harry saw them supporting Courtney Love and asked them to join Blondie for a UK tour. “Little Fish had the raw rock spark that doesn’t depend on fame,” claimed one New York Times review. And Little Fish do channel the spirit of rock ’n’ roll, even when they play a slow song or an acoustic gig. But their versatility and depth is what really defines them. Equally important is their fierce sense of DIY, of roots, of intimacy with fans and listeners. There’s almost a dialogue in every song; they connect with people when they perform, and they do this effortlessly, without sacrificing professionalism. They’re as comfortable playing house parties as they are the Royal Albert Hall. They’re relentlessly, beautifully contrary, driven by their music and their community. And yet they transcend their music: Little Fish is not just a band, Little Fish is a feeling, a momentum.

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